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Scrap Metal Yard

Excavation and Restoration of Scrap Metal Yard Complete


While the debris on the surface of the Scrap Metal Yard was removed and disposed of many years ago, this remedial project involved excavating impacted soils and restoring the area. Objectives for final restoration work included establishing final grades and re-vegetating the area so it blends in with the surrounding areas, preventing storm water from accumulating and minimizing future erosion. 


This project utilized much of the site infrastructure that was constructed to support the Landfill Ridge. A new access road, staging area, decontamination area and erosion controls were built, as well as a bypass for the Southerly Stream to minimize the water resulting from the remediation and prevent the stream from being re-contaminated. 

The final plans for excavation were submitted to the Maine DEP in June 2016 and include: the Corrective Measures Implementation Plan, Excavation and Restoration Plan, and Construction Water Management Plan. Excavation was completed in 2016 and final restoration was concluded in the summer of 2017. 

Full copy is available at the Public repository located at: Orrington Town library - 15 School Street, Orrington, ME 04474

The Final Construction Closure report for the Scrap Metal Yard remediation was submitted to the Maine DEP on July 24, 2017. Maine DEP determined the report to be complete in a letter dated October 3, 2017.

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