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Local Spotlight: 
Orrington Residents Attend Open House

In 2018, Mallinckrodt US LLC welcomed residents to an Open House at the Orrington Remediation Site.  Representatives from Mallinckrodt US LLC, Geosyntec and CDM Constructors provided a brief overview of the history of the Orrington site, remediation completed to date as well as the schedule for the remaining work. 

Representatives discussed the remediation projects completed over the past year, the work anticipated over this summer and fall and the final work remaining. Poster boards displayed a timeline of site activities, photos and maps of the site, to highlight areas where remediation has been completed.

Following the presentation, participants donned their hard hats and safety glasses and were given a driving tours of the active construction site, visiting each of the remediation areas and hearing more detailed descriptions of the activities and progress that has been made.  Following the tour, refreshments were provided and site representatives took questions from the group.

This Open House was a collaboration between the Town of Orrington and Mallinckrodt and its site representatives. We are grateful for the continued support from the Town and to all those who attended our Open House.      

Looking forward to the future

  • With the final remediation now underway, the Town of Orrington, owner of a majority of the site, can begin to consider how it might redevelop its largely the property that sits atop a bluff with commanding views overlooking the Penobscot River.

  • Although Mallinckrodt US LLC (Mallinckrodt) purchased the approximately 65 acres of land on which remediation is taking place back from the town, the town remains the owner of nearly 180 remaining acres, most of which is virgin land. 

  • With support from Mallinckrodt, the town has secured $1.5 million for the future redevelopment of the site in order to pay for access roads and site utilities should it decide to move forward with reuse of the property.  

  • The design for the second phase of the last remedial area (Plant Area) was Approved by Maine DEP in September 2019 with remediation starting in the fall of 2019. Startup of the Final Groundwater Extraction System began in August 2019 with final modifications being completed in September 2019.

  • Both the Maine DEP and Mallinckrodt understand that it is important to the community to complete remediation efficiently, safely and in a timely manner so the town can realize its goal of appropriate reuse of the site.  

  • What distinguishes the former HoltraChem site from other closed manufacturing facilities is its location on the Penobscot River; its proximity to all the major highways; access to rail lines, extensive on-site utilities including water and power; and the potential for accessible river transport such as that used successfully by Cianbro just up river in Brewer.

On the Penobscot Newsletter

On The Penobscot is a community newsletter developed to keep residents and local officials informed of the activities and progress at the Orrington Site. The newsletter includes articles on specific remedial construction projects, profiles of contractors, and technical articles describing specific issues such as the groundwater treatment processes. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please Contact Us.

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