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Reports & Studies

Below you will find digital copies of monthly site status reports, groundwater monitoring reports, technical investigations and studies and reports on the different phases of site demolition activities. 
In person you can also visit the public library in Orrington, where there is an archive of documents that Mallinckrodt US LLC (Mallinckrodt) has submitted to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 
Site Status Reports
Groundwater Monitoring Reports
(Short Term Comprehensive Monitoring Plan Data Reports)
Every month, Mallinckrodt submits progress reports of the Orrington Remediation site to the Maine DEP discussing all the tasks and actions completed and giving a detailed summary of sampling and test results from the site. 
Each quarter, Mallinckrodt submits groundwater quality results to the Maine DEP  for the Orrington Remediation site. Previously submitted in the form of a Groundwater Monitoring Report, beginning in 2017, these results are now reported along with data from other monitoring activities included in the Short-Term Comprehensive Monitoring Plan – a plan required by the DEP to provide monitoring of the short-term results of site remediation activities. Samples are taken from numerous locations approved by the Maine DEP, including the current extraction wells. 
Investigation & Studies
Investigations at the Orrington Remediation site began when the HoltraChem site was still in operation, and have culminated in the current design plans for final remediation of the Site.. The key reports below provided the preliminary quantitative and qualitative information regarding characterization of the Site. 
Site Demolition Activities
Mallinckrodt began site dismantling activities by removing process materials and equipment from the former HoltraChem operations buildings. Once this work was completed, the demolition of manufacturing buildings, followed by support buildings and infrastructure was completed. The only building now remaining from the HoltraChem era is a storage building which is continuing to be used for storage and offices as part of the ongoing remedial work.  
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