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BEP - Maine Board of Environmental Protection - a seven-member citizen board, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature, to allow for public participation in the interpretation regulations relating to environmental protection.  The BEP is part of the DEP however it has independent decision-making authority.

CDM - CDM Smith Constructors Inc. – the Site Remediation Project Manager selected by Mallinckrodt US LLC to oversee all aspects of the remediation.

Closure - The Closure Report is the final report that will be submitted to the Maine DEP describing the remedial activities that were completed, including sampling results, quality control documentation, contractor submittals and final surveys.

CMI - Corrective Measures Implementation – the actual construction of the approved engineering design to remediate a specific area.


COC - Contaminant of Concern - A chemical present in the soil or groundwater above the Media Protection Standards established by the Maine DEP and USEPA.


CQA - Construction Quality Assurance – the plan describing the quality protocols that define  the procedures to be completed by  engineers to verify the design is implemented correctly.

CY - cubic yards – a measurement of soil that is excavated; for “typical” soils, 1 cubic yard of soil weighs 1.5 tons.


DEP - Maine Department of Environmental Protection – the DEP is responsible for protecting and restoring Maine's natural resources and enforcing the Maine’s environmental laws and regulations.  The DEP has primary oversight of the remediation at the Orrington site.


Design - The remedial design for a specific area to be cleaned up includes development of engineering drawings and specifications for removing soils and other media that exceed the MPS. The design also includes details on how an area is to be restored.


DMA - Direct Mercury Analyzer – the primary analytical instrument used on site in the Maine DEP certified laboratory.


DMR - Maine Department of Marine Resources – the DMR is focused on conservation of marine resources, scientific research, promoting and developing Maine coastal fishing industries and enforcing laws and regulations related to these purposes.


EPA - Environmental Protection Agency – the federal agency with oversight of environmental programs across the country.  In many states, including Maine, EPA has delegated this authority to the state environmental agencies such as the Maine DEP although EPA still monitors the programs.


Geosyntec - Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. – the engineering design firm selected by Mallinckrodt US LLC to develop the remediation design plans and conduct the construction quality assurance monitoring activities.


GWTP - Groundwater Treatment Plant – the onsite facility which treats both groundwater and surface water which may be generated at the site.


HASP - Health and Safety Plan – CDM has a site-wide health & safety plan which all contractors are required to follow.  Specific HASPs are also developed for remedial work areas.


DIFW - Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife – the DIFW is focused on the protection and enhancement of the State’s inland fisheries and wildlife and manages conservation programs through Maine.


Investigation - Initial field work to collect samples of soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater to evaluate the presence of hazards at the site.  Multiple follow-up investigations are typically conducted based on results from the earlier samples. 


mg/kg - milligrams per kilogram – a concentration of contaminants in solid media such as soil or sediment.


MPS - Media Protection Standards – the site-specific clean up standards established by the Maine DEP for remediation endpoints.


O&M - Operation and Maintenance – activities that take place after the remedial construction work, such as groundwater extraction and treatment and ongoing groundwater monitoring, to ensure the cleanup continues to be effective. 


Order - The BEP Order effective April 3, 2014 which incorporates, with modifications, the Compliance Order issued by the DEP dated November 24, 2008.


PM10 - Particulate Matter – the on-

site air monitoring stations monitors PM10 (particulate matter with a grain size of ten microns) in compliance with the DEP approved Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan.


QAPP - Quality Assurance Project Plan – the document approved by the Maine DEP that outlines the methods and procedures to be followed by the on-site laboratory, during sample collection, and other remedial activities.


Restoration - Once a remedial area meets the MPS, the area is backfilled, graded to mimic natural topography and planted with native vegetation.

USACE - United States Army Corps of Engineers – USACE is a federal agency with a wide range of responsibilities including issuing and enforcing permits for work near or within water bodies, including the Southern Cove at the Site.


VOC - Volatile Organic Compunds - the on-site air monitoring stations monitor VOCs in compliance with the DEP-approved Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan.

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